Bharatanatyam Makeup Tutorial

For quite a few years I couldn’t really understand why Bharatanatyam makeup looked so different compared to other makeup.  For me it was pretty much the regular foundation, eye liner , kajal and lipstick. I didn’t even know words like contouring and different makeup look even existed.

After a lot of trial and error I have slowly started learning to do Bharatanatyam makeup all by myself.

So let’s get started.

Items you need:

1. Concealer


3.Eyeshadow palette


5.. Lipstick

6. Makeup brushes

7. Cotton swab

8.q- tips or ear buds

Step 1: Dab on concealer and spread with a brush or fingers


Step 2: Apply foundation and blend well with a sponge or a brush.


Step 3 : Pick a primary color for your eye shadow.


Step 4 : Pick a secondary color for eye shadow. I chose pink to give a warm undertone to the gold previously chosen.


Step 5 : Use a blending color like white gold to blend these two colours away. Put the eyeshadow on the center or your eyelids and blend away.


Step 6 : Darken eyebrows using black eyeshadow.


Step 7 : apply eyeliner. One very important step in Bharatanatyam make up is to ensure the lower eye is lined properly to form a winged outline.


Step 8 : Correct imperfections using makeup remover and Q-tip.


Step 9 : Apply kajal along the inner corner of the lower eyelash for better outline.


Step 10 : Apply blush. Try and stick to only the apple of your cheeks and not too much otherwise thou stand the risk of looking like a bunny rabbit 🙂


Step 12: Apply lip liner and lipstick, Coat with a layer of gloss for better shine.



Step 13: Accessorise with bindi and white liquid bindi. Unfortunately I didn’t have a long bindi so had to make do with a round one.


Add your required jewellery and your look is complete.

Final look :





Photography : Anisha Mahapatra

Model:Aditi Manja

Concept and make up : Priya Kumar


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